Support Articles

VLS Introduction and Overview Guide

Welcome to your new VLS Account! To help you get started, this guide will introduce you to the VLS content and show you how to use your account to review your progress and support your staff with VLS.

A Guide to End of Course Assessments

What are End of Course Assessments? How are they used? Where are they located?

Account Activation & First Login

Step by step instructions with visuals to help you through the account activation process.

Account Creation Suspended

Information for users who have had their account creation abilities suspended

Account Email Block

Why and how accounts are temporarily banned from receiving VLS email.

Add Existing User to My Roster (Transfer or Reactivate Accounts)

Add an active user from another program to your program roster or reactivate an inactive user previously enrolled in VLS.

Approving a User’s Completion of a Lesson

How to approve or disapprove a staff-member's completion of a lesson.

Competency Reflections

In depth guide to each Foundational Course’s Competency Reflection which provides self-reflection and a tool to assess and document observed competency.

Correcting New Accounts

If a mistake was made during account creation, it is important to edit the account to correct the mistake instead of creating a new account.

Course Certification

What is course certification? How are courses certified?

Course Components Overview

A quick description of the course components and tools

Course Guide

Each course has an associated guide that highlights what users can expect to learn within the course.

Course Overview

What are courses on VLS?

Create New User

This tutorial will guide you through the steps necessary to create a new user in the system who does not already have an account.


The Crosswalk is a guide to aid in transitioning direct care staff who have completed the VLS in one track when they move to work with another age-group.

Deactivate/Retire - Removing Staff from Rosters

If a staff member is leaving your program for any reason, follow these steps to remove them from your roster.

Edit a Staff Member's Account Details

Here's a quick guide on how to edit a staff member's account details including name, title, email, role, track enrollment, and locations.

End of Course Assessments

What, when, and where are assessments?

Enroll a Staff Member in a Course

Direct Care staff must be manually enrolled in courses before their progress can begin recording.

Forgot Password

Helpful tips on what to do when you forget your password.

Lesson Overview

Info about lesson design, structure, and completion.

Professional Development Track Overview

About VLS Professional Development Tracks

Switching a Staff Member's Role or Enrolled Track

Here is a quick guide on changing from one track to another and role change combinations.

User Registration Availability

Who can get a registered account?