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ELM Curriculum: Birth - 36 months3 - 5 years

The Early Learning Matters (ELM) curriculum, developed by Purdue University, promotes positive outcomes in all areas of development from birth to age 5 years. It is based on the latest research on child development and best practices in early education and care. ELM offers a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate approach to meaningful learning for all children.

  • Whole child focus on skills that bolster school readiness and life success
  • Developmentally sequenced activities that embed strategies for individualizing
  • Evidence-informed, friendly-to-use resources for classroom staff and families
  • Training tools to support direct care staff with different professional backgrounds

At the heart of the ELM curriculum are activity plans that build on children's pathways of development in five infant/toddler areas and eight preschool areas. The plans support growth and development with a range of active learning opportunities that include careful attention to differences in children's abilities and interests.

Activity Plan Updates Last Upload: August 2023