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Celebrate the Month of the Military Child

This April, celebrate the success of military children and their families

Discover resources and services available to support and honor military children and their families.

Caregiving Observation & Reflection Tool Updates

Updates to tool and new features added

Review the latest content updates made to the Caregiving Observation & Reflection Tool.

2024 Q1 Newsletter

Kicking off 2024 with new activities and course updates across all tracks

Check out the new course updates and activities for program leaders and the latest child abuse reporting requirements for all tracks.

Child Abuse: Identification & Reporting Course Updates

Updated reporting procedures across all tracks

Review the most up-to-date information on child abuse reporting requirements in the Child Abuse Identification & Reporting Course.

Three Training & Curriculum Specialist Course Updates to Start 2024

Communication & Language Development, Creative Expression, and Self & Cultural Understanding are now updated

View the latest updates to content, activities, and resources now available within three courses of the Training & Curriculum Specialist track.

New Targeted PD on Nutrition & Mealtime Habits

"Promoting Healthy Eating Habits" Targeted PD is now available

Learn more about the importance of good nutrition and appropriate mealtime habits for children and youth.

2023 Q4 Newsletter

A new Focused Topics course and upgraded content and activities in foundational courses available

Read more about the new Focused Topics course on supporting family child care, and the content and activity updates that are now available in the Training & Curriculum Specialist track.

MGT Course Updates in November 2023

Updates to MGT Safe Environments, Healthy Environments, and Learning Environments now available

Be sure to view the new fillable activities and content updates within three courses of the Management track.

T&CS Course Updates in November 2023

TC Safe Environments, Healthy Environments, Family Engagement, and Cognitive Development now updated

See the latest updates to content, activities, and resources available in the T&CS track.

Required Supplemental Child Abuse Training #3 Due January 31, 2024

The third and final training in the series is now available

This is the third training in the supplemental child abuse training series requested by the OMFRP CYP Division, and is required for all CYP personnel and family child care providers. The training focuses on ways to enhance the protective factors of children and families.