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New Leadership Focused Topic Released

Leadership Essentials: Getting Started as a Program Manager is Now Available

This five-lesson course aimed at Program Managers highlights the key components of leading and managing child and youth programs and focuses on the necessary skills for program leaders to develop as they begin their role as a Program Manager.

woman completing clipboard survey

Focused Topics Course Updates in July 2022

New Practice Inventories available in our Focused Topics Courses

Check out the new Practice Inventory reflection activities added to six of the Focused Topics courses. These activities are provided to encourage staff and program leaders to think more deeply about the practices they use to support children and staff.

2022 Q2 Newsletter

New Content Type, Updated Foundational Courses, and Research Highlights

New Targeted Professional Development modules, Direct Care and Management content updates, and research that illustrates the benefits of early childhood education and the critical demands that child care systems currently experience.

Concussions in Children & Youth

New information on identifying and responding to concussions now available.

The Safe Environments course across all tracks, has been updated to include additional information to support staff and program leaders in identifying and responding to concussions in children and youth.

Social Emotional Learning for Teachers (SELF-T) Now Enrollable

Registered Users Can Now Earn a Certificate for SELF-T

All VLS Focused Topics Courses are now enrollable for registered users. Learn more about how to obtain a certificate for the Social Emotional Learning for Teachers course

This April Celebrate the Month of the Military Child

Review ways to honor military children and families

Celebrate the Month of the Military Child in your program by recognizing the sacrifices and challenges faced by military children and parents

NAEYC Celebrates the Week of the Young Child April 2-8

Discover WOYC Daily Themes

Celebrate the Week of the Young Child in your program by creating fun activities that honor young children, families, and early care and education providers.

2022 Q1 Newsletter

Q1 Updates to Foundational Courses and Research Highlights

Management content updates to Foundational Courses, research investigating community-driven approaches to addressing food insecurity, and the CDC & AAP revised developmental milestones.

Mgmt. Program Management Course Updates in Feb. 2022

Updated content and new activities available

Check out our latest content enhancements and new reflection activities within the Program Management course in the Management track. New information on interviewing and hiring high quality staff and evaluating staff performance is now available. 

Mgmt. Communication & Child Abuse Prevention Course Updates in Feb. 2022

New content updates and fillable activities

Two additional courses in the Management track have been updated to include new content and HTML fillable activities. The Communication & Language Development and Child Abuse Prevention courses have been updated to help program managers enhance communication and prevent child abuse and neglect in programs.