18 Mar 2020
Navy Professionals receive their Child Development Associate credential

Commencement ceremony for 120 CDA candidates hosted in Norfolk, Virginia

12 Mar 2020
New Focused Topics Course Now Available

This four lesson course identifies the symptoms of trauma and highlights caregiving and program practices to support children, families and teachers that have been exposed to trauma.

01 Mar 2020
PS activities have been changed from PDF to HTML

We are excited to announce the upgrade of activities in the Preschool track.

22 Feb 2020
New Focused Topics Course Now Available

This nine-lesson course provides foundational knowledge of normative sexual development and behavior and highlights ways to prevent and respond to problematic sexual behavior in children and youth.

28 Jan 2020
New Focused Topics Course Now Available

This eight-lesson course builds upon foundational knowledge by highlighting strategies that prevent challenging behavior, promote social emotional competence, and support children with behavior challenges.

12 Dec 2019
VLS and ELM content updates, + 3 new FT courses coming soon

Courses covering Challenging Behaviors, Sexual Development & Behavior, and Trauma-Informed Care are anticipated Q1-2020.

04 Dec 2019
We salute the Department of Defense in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Military Child Care Act

A huge thank you to all of the teachers and staff that work to support more than 160,000 military-connected children around the world every day.

04 Nov 2019
Minimize the risk of cyberbullying, prevent exposure to explicit material, and teach digital citizenship

Child care programs must thoughtfully incorporate the use of the internet and devices into programs. New guidance is in the Safe Environments and Learning Environments courses for the T&Cs and Mgt. tracks.

27 Sep 2019
Latest in VLS content, technical and research updates

Check out our latest published content, our upcoming focused topics content, research, and more in our quarterly newsletter.

25 Sep 2019
Drs. Cynthia Buettner and Sarah Lang discuss VLS in online newspaper

Online newspaper, The EvoLLLution, highlights innovative approaches to 21st century higher education