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MGT Course Updates in November 2023

Updates to MGT Safe Environments, Healthy Environments, and Learning Environments now available

As Program Managers, you spend much of your time supervising and supporting the growth and learning of your staff. Your guidance and leadership play a critical role in the success of your programs, and supporting your growth and learning as program leaders is one of our biggest priorities at the VLS.

To better support the work that you do, updates have been made to the Safe Environments, Healthy Environments, and Learning Environments courses for Program Managers. All activities included in these courses have been upgraded to an interactive HTML format, and several new activities have been added to support you as you reflect on key leadership practices. New Explore and Apply activities, along with content updates to lessons across all three courses, are also available.

Some of these new activities include updated checklists and self-assessments, like the Environment Best Practices Checklist in Lesson 1 of the Learning Environments course and the Supervision Self-Assessment in Lesson 3 of the Safe Environments course. Updates to Lesson 5 of Healthy Environments include two new activities that focus on maintaining a culture of wellness and supporting staff wellness practices.

As the year comes to a close, we hope that these updates provide you with new ways to engage with VLS lessons in a way that helps you feel re-energized for a year of growth and learning in 2024.