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Mgmt. Communication & Child Abuse Prevention Course Updates in Feb. 2022

New content updates and fillable activities

Two additional courses in the Management track have been updated to include new content and HTML fillable activities. The Communication & Language Development and Child Abuse Prevention courses have been updated to help program managers enhance communication and prevent child abuse and neglect in programs.

Mgmt. Professionalism Course Updates in Jan. 2022

New content and fillable activities

To assist program managers in supporting professional behavior, program quality, and meeting standards, the Professionalism course in the Management track has been updated. Updates include new HTML fillable activities and content such as building strong teams and the use of the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct.

2021 System Upgrade (VLS 2.0)

Site enhancements, new features are now live

Nearly all Focused Topics courses are now enrollable and certifiable. New roles, features, and faster load times are here

2021 Q4 Newsletter

Q4 updates to foundational courses and research highlights. Site upgrades coming Dec. 17th. Content peak for 2022.

Recapping the content updates to Program Management and Safe Environments we also announce some of our upcoming 2022 content updates and showcase research on bullying, home-based care, and "We're more than a daycare".

VLS System Upgrade

Major overhaul coming late December 17th. Expect site downtime.

Site downtime expected the weekend of December 17-19, 2021 as we launch a thorough system upgrade featuring new user roles, new training content types, user interface enhancements, quicker dashboards, and more.

New Program Management Lesson for Managers

A new lesson highlights program staffing schedules

A new lesson focused on helping program managers to develop and implement staffing schedules that are supportive of children, staff, and families has been added to the Program Management course in the Management Track.

Foundational Updates: Safe Environments

Updates streamline our direct care Safe Environments courses

The Safe Environments course across all four direct care tracks: Infant & Toddler (IT), Preschool (PS), School-Age (SA), and Family Child Care (FCC) has been updated to include new content and activities to help direct care professionals provide safe environments for children, families, and staff.

2021 Q3 Newsletter

Latest updates to Foundational and Focused Topics courses, research, and resources

Check out our recently updated content, new guidance on using Competency Reflections, and research regarding teacher well-being and the importance of play.

Foundational Updates: Cognitive Development

New content available in the Cognitive Development course

The Cognitive Development course in the Infant & Toddler, Preschool and School-Age tracks has been updated to include additional information to support direct care staff’s understanding of cognition and how to support thinking skills across development.

2021 Q2 Newsletter

Latest Updates, New Research, and Resources for School-Age Providers

Updates across select VLS courses include Adverse Childhood Experiences, updated USDA Dietary Guidelines, multicultural literature, and subsidy supports. Plus new research on ECE teacher wellbeing, inequities in health before birth, and more.