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Updates to the Caregiving Observation & Reflection Tool

Additional guidance and print options now available

The Caregiving Observation and Reflection Tool (CORT) found in Lesson 5 of the Using the VLS: Coaching to Enhance Practice course is a comprehensive tool that can be used to identify strengths and areas of growth for caregivers that have already completed their foundational training. This observation tool consists of 5 domains of practice including Language and Literacy, Responsive Relationships, Balanced & Differentiated Instruction, Comprehensive Caregiving, and Family-Centered Practices. The practices within each of these domains and the corresponding examples have been reviewed and refined to support program leaders’ observation skills and use of the tool. Program leaders now have access to the full CORT document which lists all the domains and provides guidance and instructions for using the tool and a separate CORT Observation Sheet to document their rating and notes for each of the practices observed. In addition, domain specific observation sheets are also available. These updates allow Training & Curriculum Specialists and Program Managers to view the CORT on their device while only having to print the CORT Observation Sheet to record their responses. The availability of the five domain specific observation sheets supports program leaders that are focusing their observations on specific domains of the CORT rather than using it as a comprehensive tool for observing caregiver’s practices. You can view these updated and new APPLY resources below: