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Focused Topics Course Updates in July 2022

New Practice Inventories available in our Focused Topics Courses

New Practice Inventory activities have been added to the following Focused Topics courses: Supporting Challenging Behaviors, Sexual Development and Behavior in Children & Youth, Trauma Informed Care in Child Care Settings, Social Emotional Learning for Teachers, Supporting Language Diversity (for Direct Care and Coaching), and Creating Gender Safe Spaces. Each of these courses now offer Practice Inventories, including a version to support direct care staff and a version to support Program Managers and Training & Curriculum Specialists. You can use the Practice Inventory specific to your role as a reflective tool to think more deeply about the key, research-based behaviors and skills that help support this specific area of practice. Program leaders and Training & Curriculum Specialists can also use these inventories as tools for observing practices within their program to see how staff are currently supporting particular populations of children and families and identify potential areas for continuous improvement. You can find these Practice Inventory reflective activities embedded within relevant lessons of the Focused Topics courses listed above and listed within each course's Course Guide.

To view the new inventories, use the links listed below: