21 Jul 2020
School-Age activities have been upgraded from PDF to HTML

We are excited to announce the upgrade of activities in the School-Age track as a way to enhance accessibility and the user-experience for all.

23 Jun 2020
New VLS Content, Technical and Research Updates

Check out our updated content, activity upgrades, and upcoming Focused Topics courses

12 Jun 2020
Resources to support families and child care providers

A list of resources to expand your own understanding of race, and how to engage children in conversations about racism, equity, and the protests occurring around the country.

11 Jun 2020
New Focused Topics Course Now Available

Learn ways to promote healthy sexual development and behavior in K-12 students

28 May 2020
Respecting Adult Learners is the Foundation for Effective Coaching Practices

Learn how to use adult learning theory to guide your coaching approach and how to use existing content, activities, and resources in the T&C and MGT tracks to support adult learners.

28 May 2020
Teach coping skills to support children in your program to move past anxious thoughts and experiences

Anxiety is a common mental health issue in children and youth. New guidance has been added to the Social & Emotional Development course in the School-Age track.

15 May 2020
FCC activities have been changed from PDF to HTML

We are excited to announce the upgrade of activities in the FCC track.

20 Mar 2020
Three New Focused Topics Courses Released

Three new courses, Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviors, Sexual Development & Behavior in Children and Youth, and Trauma-Informed Care in Child Care Settings are now available in the Virtual Lab School Focused Topics track.

19 Mar 2020
Resources to support caregivers and their children during stressful times

Resources for dealing with COVID-19 and the world's response to support caregivers and their children.

19 Mar 2020
Resources to support families while sheltering-in-place

This list is not exhaustive, but aims to help families know about a variety of developmentally appropriate and engaging ways to support their children during this unprecedented health crisis.