21 Mar 2019
VLS content updates, research updates, and ELM curriculum updates
Spring is finally here, along with new content and features!
21 Dec 2018
New in Q4: Language Diversity Courses, ELM Curriculum, and more
Purdue University's Early Learning Matters Curriculum is now in early release on VLS.
30 Nov 2018
New Focused Topics Course “Supporting Language Diversity: Coaching” Now Available
Tailored to the roles and responsibilities of trainers, coaches, and administrators, this three-lesson course highlights the benefits that multi-language settings bring to children’s development and trajectory.
06 Nov 2018
New Focused Topics Course "Supporting Language Diversity: Direct Care" Now Available
Three lessons introduce caregivers and teachers to methods that support all children's language development.
01 Oct 2018
Extensive Layout, Aesthetic, & Content Updates
Content updates to Healthy Environments & Safe Environments. New features in Competency Reflections, Course Guides, and EOCAs.
20 Jun 2018
Additional Focused Topics Courses, Update on Program Tools and VLS Features
The Virtual Lab School now contains two additional courses in its Focused Topics track: Creating Gender Safe Spaces and Essentials in Child Care Food Service, making a total of three courses available in this track, including Social Emotional Learning for Teachers.
21 May 2018
New Focused Topics Course "Essentials in Child Care Food Service" Now Available
Seven lessons, developed for both seasoned and new kitchen staff in child care settings, cover a range of food service topics.
24 Apr 2018
New Focused Topics Course "Creating Gender Safe Spaces" Now Available
Learn the facts about gender identity and development to better support all children in your program.
29 Jan 2018
All 15 Family Child Care Courses Now Published
Check out our latest published content, our upcoming focused topics content, research, and more in our first issue of our quarterly newsletter.
20 Nov 2017
VLS PD Tracks Count Toward OSU AA Degree
VLS Track Completion Applies to 13 Semester Hours Toward Online Associates of Arts Degree at OSU