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Training & Curriculum Specialist Track Updates Complete

All foundational courses have now been updated in the T&CS track

This past year, our team at the Virtual Lab School has been updating and enhancing the content and course activities in the foundational courses throughout the Training & Curriculum (T&CS) track. This is to ensure that Training & Curriculum Specialists have access to the latest research, professional development resources, and materials to support their best work. We are delighted to announce that the remaining four foundational courses have been updated and are now available. Check out some of the following updates highlighted below.

  • Child Abuse: Prevention: New content in Lesson 2 breaks down the different temperament traits and behavioral indicators that influence how children and staff members interact.
  • Professionalism: A new Explore activity, Professional Code of Ethics, added to Lesson 3 reflects on how a professional code of ethics can impact your work with children, youth, families, and staff members.
  • Program Management: A new Explore activity, Continuous Quality Improvement—Family Survey, added to Lesson 5 provides an opportunity to practice creating a quality improvement plan.
Two professionals in a coaching session