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IT and PS Track: All Foundational Courses Updated in Summer 2022

New research, activities, and updated developmental milestones available

In an effort to continually provide up-to-date and relevant information, all 15 Foundational Courses have been reviewed and revised across the Infant & Toddler (IT) and Preschool (PS) tracks. Revisions include new content and activities, updates to the CDC Developmental Milestones, and useful information regarding early childhood theories not previously included in the courses. Examples of edits include:

The VLS team is working to update the Foundational Courses across all tracks on the site with new information, activities, and resources. Courses that have been updated across all direct care tracks, include Safe Environments, Healthy Environments, Cognitive Development, Communication & Language Development, Creative Expression, Child Abuse: Identification & Reporting, and Child Abuse: Prevention. Updates to the remaining courses in the School Age and Family Child Care are coming soon.