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New Targeted PD on Nutrition & Mealtime Habits

"Promoting Healthy Eating Habits" Targeted PD is now available

Proper nutrition is necessary for growth, development, and overall health. In your role as a child and youth professional, you have the opportunity to help educate both children and families about healthy eating habits, as well as provide children and youth with a supportive environment to explore foods, utensils, and dining practices. Promoting Healthy Eating Habits is a new Targeted Professional Development (TPD) module that provides a review of the nutritional recommendations for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children, including the components of a well-balanced meal and age-appropriate serving sizes. This new TPD describes appropriate mealtime habits, such as those integral to family-style dining, and calls special attention to the unique feeding needs of infants. Promoting Healthy Eating Habits also addresses ways to identify and support diverse eating habits and preferences of the children and families in your programs.