VLS Release 1.02.08 (9.30.18)

VLS Release 1.02.08 is now available


Content Type Changes

  • End of Course Assessments are no longer PDF documents.  Assessments have updated content and now are HTML pages.  Suggested answers can be toggled on and off on the assessment page.
  • Trainers Guides have been replaced with Course guides.  Each Course guide lists all activities, assessments, lessons and tools that are a part of the course.  These are now HTML pages instead of PDF documents.
  • Competency Checklists have been replaced with Competency Reflections.  Competency Reflections are tailored to the audience viewing them.  All Competency Reflections have been updated.They are  now HTML pages instead of PDF documents.
  • Course highlight lists have now been added to each course and appear on the Course Guide.


Navigation and User Interface Changes

  • Course Approval and Certification controls have been updated slightly.  You must now confirm your intent when issuing a certificate for a course to a user.
  • Page headers for Learn, Track, Course, and Lesson pages have been changed.  You may now navigate through the site by using the track/course titles at the head top of most pages.
  • Course Resource element has been added to Course pages.  This lists any course tools or assessments that you have permissions to access at the top of the course page, including End of Course Assessments, Competency Reflections, Course Guides and Crosswalk documents.
  • Left navigation Menu has changed slightly on lessons and no longer includes course or track heading.
  • 'Additional Resources' block on the course page of TCS/MG tracks has been removed.  The resources that used to be listed here can now be accessed by TCS/PM users on each Course Page or through the Course Guide.
  • 'Additional Resources' block removed from personal progress pages.   The resources that used to be listed here can now be accessed by users on each Course Page or through the Course Guide.
  • Numerous visual/design tweaks to courses, lessons, and track pages.
  • URL realignment:  The URL scheme for tracks, courses and lessons has been updated to be more consistent across all content.  You may need to update any bookmarks to affected pages.  The VLS site will provide 301 redirects idefinitely for any pages with altered URLs.
  • Print button now available for printable content types.  You may use this button to either print the content, or save it to a PDF.
  • Zipped resource bundles have been removed.  All materials contained in the zip files can be accessed through the new course guide.


Upcoming features in our future releases:

Further Interface upgrades, Notification systems, User watchlists, Activities overhaul