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Create New User

Before Creating a New User, check with your staff member to see if they already have a VLS account that they've used at their previous installation.

If your staff member already has an account, you must follow a different procedure by transferring or reactivating their account. You can access our Add Existing User tutorial here.

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please reach out to VLS Support at

  1. Navigate to your Staff Roster page.
  2. Click the Roster Management button on the upper right-hand corner and select Create New User from the drop-down menu.
  3. Fill out the new user's basic information.
    1. Important notes on email address:
      1. The email address entered for the new user must already be active before you create the VLS account as the user's initial login instructions and credentials will be sent to the address as soon as you finish creating the account.  
      2. Do not use a government or military email account. VLS recommends using a personally controlled email account so that the user will have access to his/her progress and certificates after leaving the service. 
      3. Recommended email accounts include those from a personal home internet service provider or a third-party service such as Gmail or Yahoo. Note however that your Service may have a specific procedure for which email provider to use for Virtual Lab School accounts.  
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Assign the new user to an installation and all applicable programs.
    1. Note: All new users will be created in your service branch.
  6. Review and confirm the details of the user you are about to create
    1. Click 'Previous Step' to make changes as needed.
  7. Click on the Complete Account Creation button.
    1. The new user will receive initial login instructions, a verification link, and their new account credentials in a message sent to the email address specified.
      1. A guide on account activation and first-login can be found here: Account Activation & First Login
    2. IMPORTANT: If you make a mistake while creating an account, do not create a duplicate account. Instead, please edit the account details.
      1. You can access our Editing a Staff Member's Account Details tutorial here.
  8. Congratulations! You can now view your staff member's new account profile via your Staff Roster.
    1. Note that by default, all direct-care users are not enrolled in any courses when their account is first created. Until a staff-member is enrolled in a course, their progress will not be recorded/tracked.
      1. More details on enrollment can be found here: Enroll a Staff Member in Courses