DC: Lesson Approval and Certification

Direct Care users require a Training & Curriculum Specialist (TC) or Program Manager (PM) to certify approval of each lesson and course.

Before a TC/PM can approve or disapprove a lesson, DC users must be enrolled in the respective track and course by a TC/PM before progress is recorded; and the DC user must follow these steps:

  • Learn: Read the entire lesson and watch the videos
  • Explore & Apply: Complete the exercises marked ‘required’ for the lesson and review with the trainer, coach, or supervisor.
  • Demonstrate: Correctly answer all demonstrate quiz questions.
  • Request Review: Click the Request Review button that will be located at the bottom of the lesson or in the user’s progress details in their dashboard. Request Review only appears after completing the above requirements. Note: Some lessons do not have required activities and will be auto-certified upon correctly answering all demonstrate questions.

Once the DC user requests review, the TC/PM users at the program will receive a notification, after which they can review all material submitted by the DC user.

Completed activitiy sheets should be turned in to your supervisor for approval. In order for your lesson to be approved, you must complete and review all activities marked as required.

There are two ways of requesting lesson approval. You may either do so from your Progress page or from your lesson page.

Requesting approval from your lesson page

  1. Complete the Demonstrate quiz at the end of your lesson.
  2. Scroll down and select the 'Request Review' button in the lower right corner.
  3. Wait for your supervisor to review your completed materials and approve or disapprove your lesson completion.

Requesting approval from your Progress page

  1. Navigate to your Progress page.
    1. Select your name in the top right corner of the page to see a drop down menu.
  2. Expand the course you are working on by selecting the plus icon next to 'Lessons'.
  3. Select the arrow next to 'Request Review' for the appropriate lesson.
    1. You will only see the option to request review if you have completed the lesson's Demonstrate quiz.
    2. After succesfully requesting for review of your lesson, you will see a 'Cancel Review' option next to your lesson.
  4. Wait for your supervisor to review your completed materials and approve or disapprove your lesson completion.

In order to obtain a course certificate, all lessons within a course must be successfully completed. Once all lessons are completed, the End of Course Assessment as well as Competency Reflection must be successfully completed and administered by a trainer or coach. The trainer or coach is responsible for the final approval and certification of a course. A track certificate will be automatically generated once all courses within a track are completed.