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Switching Roles and Tracks 

A direct care staff member is changing roles and tracks on the VLS. What do I need to know?

The VLS Core Content was designed to align across tracks which means a significant portion of each track’s content is relevant for all direct care staff. When a direct care staff member is moved to a different track, they do not necessarily need to re-take courses in the new track that were already completed in the previous track.

Services and specific program leadership may have established plans to support trainers in successfully transitioning their staff from one role to another. We have also developed the VLS Crosswalks to provide additional assistance to trainers in meeting the professional development needs of staff members who switch roles while completing VLS coursework in a specific track. Each of the 15 Crosswalks, one for each core course, identifies unique age-specific content, activities, and resources by lesson and can be used as a guide for review material if the age-group for which a staff member is responsible changes. For example, direct care staff who move from an infant and toddler to a preschool classroom should consult the Crosswalks to be aware of age-specific material they should review in the Preschool track.

The VLS Crosswalks can be accessed here:

To make a role or track change in the VLS, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Navigate to your Staff Roster
    1. Use your account drop-down menu in the top-right header or the left dashboard menu on account/dashboard pages and choose "Staff Roster"
  3. Click "View Profile" on the user/staff-member you want to edit
  4. Click "User Management" on the staff-member's Account Details panel. Then Select Edit Account Settings.
  5. Use the radio buttons to change the role and track of the user as necessary.  Edit any other fields you wish to edit.
    1. Currently, users in supervisory roles can edit the name, position title, email-address, password, role, track, program and installation of their own account and other users' accounts.
    2. When changing to a TC role or PM role, users will be able to enroll in either the T&C or Management tracks. When changing to a DC role, you can choose from enrolling the user in the IT, PS, SA, or FCC track.
      1. Changing a user's track stops the recording of their progress in their previous track.  Progress already completed is still saved but will not save additional progress until switched back to that track. (ie: A user has completed two courses in the IT track and is switched to the PS track.  This user will retain the completions of the two courses in IT but cannot complete any additional courses in IT.  Only the PS track progress will be recorded until switched to another track.)
  6. To save your changes click "Save"
    1. If you do not wish to save your changes, simply navigate away from the edit page or close the tab/window.