End of Course Assessments

What is an EOCA?

An End of Course Assessment (EOCA) is comprised of a series of short-answer and essay-based questions designed to assess mastery of the key concepts presented in the respective course. There is one unique EOCA per Foundational Course for each direct care (Infant & Toddler, Preschool, School-Age, and Family Child Care) Track. End of Course Assessments are only available to registered users of the Virtual Lab School.

When to Administer

Once a direct care staff member has satisfactorily completed all the lessons within a particular course, the trainer, coach, or administrator will then administer and proctor the End of Course Assessment.

Completion of a lesson for center-based direct care staff and home-based providers includes viewing, reading, and understanding all materials presented in the Learn, Explore, and Apply sections; correctly completing the Demonstrate questions; completing any required activities; reviewing activities with trainers or coaches; and having the trainer, coach, or administrator certify that the user has achieved competency within the lesson topic.

All lessons within a course should be satisfactorily completed before a trainer, coach, or administrator proctors an EOCA for a direct care user. Each EOCA contains a set of essay-based questions. To help trainers, coaches, or administrators evaluate the strength of direct care users' responses, the VLS offers a set of suggested answers for each EOCA. The suggested answers provide guidance for trainers, coaches, and administrators on what to look for when reviewing learners' EOCA responses. There are no points assigned to each answer. Installations, Services or programs may have more specific guidance regarding how to evaluate the EOCA as it relates to the user's appropriate display of knowledge.

EOCA Access

Only VLS-registered trainers, coaches, or administrators have access to the End of Course Assessment. There are no corresponding End of Course Assessments for lessons in the Training & Curriculum and Management Tracks because those Tracks are self-certified. Lessons in these Tracks appear as complete on a user's progress dashboard once the Demonstrate questions within the respective lesson are correctly completed.

The Focused Topics courses do not contain EOCAs.MIL Military-affiliated registered users can use their Service-specific procedures to track professional development and use the Clock Hour documents provided within the User Resource Kit.