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Account Email Block

In an effort to curb the high rate of bounced emails being generated by our users, we have implemented a temporary block on email addresses that bounce messages.

Why was I blocked?

Account activation emails and password-reset emails sent to invalid email-addresses cannot be delivered, and so they “bounce”. Bounced emails create unnecessary email traffic and negatively influence the Virtual Lab School's validity as a credible and trustworthy site.

This email block may only be removed by emailing from the banned email, with the subject "Address Verification".

Address Block

An address is blocked when:

  • A new account is created with an invalid email address
  • A password reset request is sent to an invalid email address

Block Scenario

Remember to always double check the email you input. Check for correct spelling of the name as well as the email provider!

Block Prevention

In order to prevent addresses from being blocked:

  • Make sure that new staff members have created and have access to their email account BEFORE you add them to your roster.
  • Make sure you have spelled the new staff member’s account email correctly.
  • If you are aware of your current VLS email being invalid, make sure to edit your account with a valid email address.