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Account Creation Suspended

Why were my account creation privileges revoked?

When a new user is added to the system and the activation email sent by VLS is unable to be delivered to the new user, the TCS/PM who created the faulty account will be flagged.  Flagged accounts cannot create new users until they email so that we can help to correct the faulty account. Email messages that are unable to be delivered cause unnecessary email traffic and negatively influences the VLS validity as a credible and trustworthy site. 

In order to restore account creation abilities, please email 

Account Creation Suspension

Users who have had their account creation abilities suspended cannot create more accounts on the VLS system until they have contacted and corrected the erroneous email address that bounced.

VLS support staff will work to help fix any mistakes in new accounts and restore account creation abilities as quickly as possible once contacted.

If a user creates more than 3 accounts with erroneous email addresses in a 30 day period, we will require that users supervisor in the VLS system to email us requesting that the account creation abilities be restored.

Please read our tutorial on Blocked Email Addresses to learn more about the email block implemented on any new accounts created with an invalid email address.

Block Prevention

In order to prevent your account creation abilities from being suspended, please make sure to carefully read all instructions on the new user creation page before proceeding with account creation. Make sure that new staff members have created  their email accounts for VLS and can access those email accounts before you add them to your roster.  Also, please be sure to check that you have spelled the new staff member’s email correctly.