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Account Registration Availability

Currently, user accounts on the VLS site are available only to individuals employed by military child and youth programs. If you work in a military child and youth program, your trainer, coach, or administrator is responsible for creating and assigning your Virtual Lab School account. Please direct questions about obtaining or reinstating a registered VLS account to your trainer, coach, or administrator.

Registered Virtual Lab School users have access to course and Track certifications, progress tracking, and customized content pertaining to the Service branch that oversees the facilities in which they are employed.

If you are not employed at a military and child youth program that is using the Virtual Lab School system, you may still use the materials and content on the VLS, subject to our terms of use. However, we currently do not provide registered user accounts or certifications to such users.

The Virtual Lab School is exploring options to provide professional development and certification capabilities to a wider audience, including partnerships with state and local educational institutions. If you are a federal, state, or municipal entity interesting in partnering with the VLS, please feel free to contact us: