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Certification Types

VLS courses and trainings may be either TCS assessed, VLS Assessed, or Self Assessed. 

VLS Assessed courses and trainings end with an End of Course Assessment (EOCA) or End of Training Assessment (EOTA) containing multiple-choice questions that are automatically evaluated by the Virtual Lab School system. Direct Care users will have three attempts to pass the assessment while T&CS/PM/IA/HQA users will have unlimited attempts. If a direct care user requires more than three attempts, they will be directed to their coach for support. A T&CS or PM must unlock additional access to the assessment after coaching support is provided.

TCS Assessed courses end with an EOCA containing a combination of multiple-choice and short answer questions that must be reviewed and certified by a direct care user’s Training & Curriculum Specialist or Program Manager. The direct care staff will complete the online activity, and these will be saved and viewable to the T&CS for review. If the T&CS believes the direct care staff member appropriately completed the assessment, they can certify the course or training as completed. However, if they believe the staff member needs additional guidance to display competency in the module’s focus, they can provide further coaching and ask the user to complete the assessment activity again.

Modules that are Self-Certified will automatically issue certificates when a set of demonstrate questions at the end of the course or training are correctly completed. Similar to the demonstrate questions in current VLS lessons, the answer selections for each question provide immediate feedback to the user and no further action is needed by the user or the T&CS/PM.