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Current Issues

This page contains information on the issues of which our team is currently aware; as well as information on anticipated priorities or patch timeline if available. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by these issues and thank you for your patience as we work quickly to deploy solutions. Your reports of bugs to are critical in informing us of problems so that we can identify and solve issues for our users

Resolved Issues [Last Updated February 22, 2022]

  1. User reactivation search sometimes fails silently  - Patch Deployed Feb 22

    TCS/PM users would sometimes get no results for users when searching, and also receive no message about the empty result set.

  2. Service specific content is sometimes missing from lesson pages  - Patch Deployed Feb 22

    All services should now be getting the proper classed content for their users.

  3. Password reset form cleanup  - Patch Deployed Feb 22

    The one-time-login and password reset forms have been updated with clearer instructions and a condition that sometimes caused a blank progress summary on the password reset form has been fixed.

  4. Progress page link on dashboard is sometimes missing  - Patch Deployed Jan 21

    Some TCS/PM/IA users do not get a short progress readout and link to a user's progress page.  This can be worked around by adding '/progress' to the address of the users dashboard page.  e.g. https://www.virtuallabschool/dashboard/####/progress  where #### is a number.  We believe this problem to be fixed.  Please let us know if you encounter it again.

  5. URL cleanup needed to match old site - Patch Deployed Jan 20

    Most URLs have now been cleaned up.  Course Guide, EOCA, Competency Reflection URLs will be updated the weekend of Jan 22.  Some URLS have changed from the previous version of the site, so be sure to update old bookmarks or links.

  6. Error: 'The Email Address is already in use' prevents new user creation - Patch Deployed Jan 12

    New accounts cannot be created due to a bug that incorrectly identifies email addresses that have not been used on the system before as having been already used for an account.  This is a critical bug and we are working to fix it as quickly as possible.

  7. Reinstating Inactive Accounts/Inactive Account not found  - Patch Deployed Jan 12

    Currently some accounts that are inactive/retired cannot be reinstated by TCS/PM users.  Please let us know if you continue to experience this problem after 1/11/2022, we will fix these accounts manually as they are brought to our attention via email support request.

  8. Login issues - Patch Deployed Jan 12

    There are a small number of users that have notified us that they are having trouble logging into the site.  We believe this error is due to older sessions/code being cached in browsers from the old site, especially in Chrome.  This problem can usually be resolved by either clearing the cache for the domain on your local browser, or by switching the browser used to access the site temporarily.

Current Active Issues [Last Updated Feb 22, 2022]

  1. Inactive Account not found 

    We are continuing to tune the inactive/retired user search feature.  If you cannot find a user that you expect, please email for assistance.

  2. Focused topics EOCA links missing. 

    We have received a few reports of missing links to online assessments for some users that prevent certification of Focused Topic courses.  We are looking into this issue currently.  If you experience this issue on your account or an account of a user you are training, please let us know at  

  3. Track certificates earned after the site upgrade are not appearing. 

    Track certificates are currently not showing on a user's progress page after all courses in a track have been completed.  The progress for the certificate has been recorded and the transcript can be used to verify the track completion dates.  We are working on an update to address this issue.

  4. Assigning users to new locations. 

    Some TCS/PM/IA users have reported not being able to change the program/installation assignments of DC users in their installations.  If you experience this bug, please email for assistance.

  5. Misc account attributes incorrect on some users.

    Changes made to some user accounts between August and December of 2021 did not all cleanly migrate to the new system.  This issue currently affects a small number of accounts.  The changes that did not migrate center on roles, current track enrollment and installation/program assignments.  We have not found any problems with progress records from the old system, but users who had accounts that changed location or role during the last few months of 2021 don't always have those changes reflected on the new site.  We have manually fixed some of these accounts as the problems are reported by users and will continue to fix these as they are brought to our attention or in our account reviews over the next few weeks.

  6. Incorrect Installation Administrators listed

    We are aware of a display issue that causes the wrong Installation Administrators to be listed on the staff roster. These staff members are correctly assigned to their respective installations but displayed incorrectly.