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Anxiety in Children & Youth

Teach coping skills to support children in your program to move past anxious thoughts and experiences

As our understanding of mental health in children grows, child care providers must learn how to engage with these issues during program hours. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems in children. To help providers guide students through these stressful experiences, new content has been added to the Social & Emotional Development course in the School-Age track. This content guides child care providers how to use thought reframing and other strategies to help school-age children grow and enhance their own coping skills. Children who can better manage their anxiety-producing experiences help professionals provide more engaged care for all children in their programs. Additional resources regarding stress and building your own anxiety-combating toolkit can be found in the Social Emotional Learning for Teachers (SELF-T) Focused Topics course.

girl looks stressed and sad while kids in background snicker