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Mgmt. Professionalism Course Updates in Jan. 2022

New content and fillable activities

As program leaders, you want your program to continuously improve and strive to be the best it can be for children and families. You want to recruit and retain staff who look forward to coming to work in a positive, caring environment where adults can learn and grow professionally. The Professionalism course in the Management track has been updated to include new content and fillable activities that help support program managers to meet the standards that positively impact the quality of care provided to children and youth.

Professionalism, Lesson 4 now includes information on building strong teams by leveraging relationships with staff, families, and community to help recruit high quality staff members which ultimately enhances program quality.

Additionally, two new reflection activities were added to the course. A new activity in Lesson 3, Using the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct highlights the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and asks program managers to review and reflect on how the code of conduct impacts their work with children, families, and staff. A new activity in Lesson 4, Program Quality Measurements asks program managers to reflect on the ways in which program quality is measured and how professionalism impacts program quality.

Lastly, activities within the Management track, Professionalism course have been upgraded to HTML fillable activities to allow program managers to fill out the activity response fields online and print or save them as needed.