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Newly Released Targeted PD For School-Age Staff and Providers

Foster and enhance the relationships in your school-age program

Establishing and maintaining positive relationships is fundamental to children’s social-emotional development and well-being. Fostering Adult and Peer Relationships in School-Age Programs is a new Targeted Professional Development (TPD) training aimed at school-age direct care staff and family child care providers. This new TPD examines the importance of establishing and maintaining the key relationships that are critical to school-ager's social-emotional well-being. It also highlights evidence-based strategies for fostering adult and peer relationships that support learning and promote prosocial behavior. For example, the training emphasizes ways that adults can connect, communicate, and support school-agers' need for autonomy. It also highlights how to be intentional in grouping children, teaching conflict resolution, and supporting friendships in this age group.

Two children play with legos