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New Program Management Lesson for Managers

A new lesson highlights program staffing schedules

A new lesson, Program Staffing Schedules, has been added to the Program Management course in the Management track. This new lesson highlights the essential elements to consider while developing staffing schedules including attending to ratio, ensuring coverage for professional development and planning, team building, continuity of care, and short- and long-term planning. It also highlights the importance of developing procedures and organizational systems that support staffing arrangements.

Within this lesson, program managers will find tools and resources to support the implementation of successful staffing arrangements such as the Example Staffing Schedules and Developing Staffing Patterns activities found in the Apply section of the lesson. Additionally, tools to support self-reflection and monitoring of staffing arrangements to inform quality improvement efforts can also found with the Explore and Apply sections of the lesson. The strategies and systems reviewed in this lesson, when implemented appropriately, are not only supportive of children and families but also help provide a foundation on which to strengthen staff members’ feelings of competency, connection, and autonomy. 

The addition of this new lesson, now Lesson Three, rearranges the prior lesson order. Content within previous Lessons Three, Four, and Five can now be found in Lessons Four, Five, and Six respectively.