Foundational Updates: Safe Environments

Updates streamline our direct care Safe Environments courses
Published: 16 Nov 2021

In order to grow, develop, and learn successfully, children need safe environments to explore. They rely on adults to provide safe spaces and protect them from harm. Caregivers' most important job is to keep children safe every day. The Safe Environments course in the Infant & Toddler, Preschool, School-Age and Family Child Care tracks has been updated to include new content, enhanced activities, and resources to help support direct care staff in providing a safe environment for children, families and staff.

The Safe Environments lessons were streamlined and now include fewer required activities. This activity overhaul focuses direct care professional’s attention on activities that are most meaningful to their awareness and prevention of important safety issues. Additional non-required activities in each lesson remain available for training resources and support. A revised activity, Responding to Child Abuse in and Out of the Program, has been added to Lesson 7 of both the Preschool and School-Age tracks. Additionally, the required activity, I’m Not Sleepy...Activity Cards has been added to Lesson 6 of the preschool track as a tool for teachers to use when assisting children who no longer wish to nap.