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Activity Upgrade: School-Age Track

School-Age activities have been upgraded from PDF to HTML

On Friday, July 24th, the Virtual Lab School will release an update for activities in the School-Age track.  The School-Age track is the fourth track to be converted to HTML fillable activities and, like the previous updates, all activities intended to be completed and turned in to Training and Curriculum Specialists (TCS) for review can now be filled out in your browser.   

The fillable HTML activity format allows users to fill out the activity response fields online. The responses that users provide are not sent to the VLS servers but remain client-side in the browser and can be printed, saved to a non-editable PDF file locally, or discarded as needed.

As of this upgrade, all Direct-Care tracks have been updated to HTML format.  VLS users enrolled  in any Direct-Care track are able to complete required and optional activities without having to download and print a physical copy of the file. Instead, these Direct Care users can fill out the activity online, then save a copy locally that can be emailed to their TCS as needed. As a reminder, we will NOT store a copy of any filled in activity at this time, so users must ensure that they are saving completed activities to a local machine as they will not be accessible on the site once the user leaves the activity page.

Based on the feedback we received after the previous activity updates, we anticipate that VLS site users will have few, if any, problems with the new format. We will closely monitor the VLS support account at in case any users do have difficulties or issues with the new activities. If you have any questions regarding the new activity format or have any problems using the new activities, please reach out to us at You can also click the help icon at the top of each activity to view a support page that covers how to best use the fillable format.

The Virtual Lab School is committed to continually improving our materials to better support the needs of the Services and to provide our users with the best experience possible.  We are proud to serve our Direct Care users, including family child care providers, and their Training & Curriculum Specialists, Administrators, and Program Managers in the critical work they do every day.

Thanks for the support and feedback you have provided over the course of these upgrades.  We are proud to have completed the updates across all Direct-Care tracks and are excited for you to use them in your work and programs.

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