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Course Release: Sexual Development and Behavior in Children & Youth

New Focused Topics Course Now Available

Human sexuality begins at birth, and sexual development and behavior is like other domains of child development in that it follows a developmental path and is influenced by children’s diverse environments and experiences. This nine-lesson course introduces the continuum of sexual development and behavior, guides your understanding of factors that shape sexual development and suggests ways to build programs that promote healthy sexual development and behavior in children and youth. Learn more about tools to support you in determining if a behavior is normative, how to respond appropriately to problematic sexual behavior, and potential interventions for children and youth that exhibit problematic sexual behavior, or what we call sexual behavior challenges. This course provides foundational knowledge of normative sexual behavior and specific strategies to prevent and respond to sexual behavior challenges. The last two lessons in this course are aimed specifically at program leadership. Whether you are a caregiver, teacher, trainer or administrator, Sexual Development and Behavior in Children & Youth will help you effectively collaborate with colleagues, other professionals, and families to best support children and youth with sexual behavior challenges.