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New Focused Topics Course on Coaching Released

Using the VLS: Coaching to Enhance Practice is Available Now

This six lesson course introduces coaches or Training & Curriculum Specialists to the foundational mission, structure, and goals of the Virtual Lab School and examines how to effectively implement the Virtual Lab School professional development system. Whether you’re working with seasoned staff members or staff members new to the field, this course will help you set effective goals, coach successfully, and lay a foundation for productive partnerships within your program.

Managing a child care center is a demanding task that requires administrators and trainers to step into a wide variety of roles on a regular basis. This course examines how to balance being an effective in-classroom support and partnering with program managers to create a shared vision and program-wide improvements. Quality program support helps provide motivation to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice, which is a key factor in providing high-quality child care. The Using the VLS: Coaching to Enhance Practice course aims to help coaches take advantage of this valuable tool and work with program managers to increase staff buy-in, boost motivation, encourage professional development, and improve the overall quality of your program.