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Live Leadership Recordings

The VLS team offers virtual, one-hour, specialized professional development for our military partnered Training & Curriculum Specialists and Program Managers on a quarterly basis. These live webinars highlight evidence-based information on a centralized topic, strategies to enhance program leader’s practices, and tools and resources from the VLS to support implementation. Registration for live sessions is not available to the public, however, the recorded sessions and resources are available for all to view below. Recorded sessions are listed in reverse order, with the most recent session listed first.

policies and support for staff

Leadership’s Role in Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness

This training highlights the intentional strategies you can use to 1) communicate program policies and procedures, and 2) create an emotionally supportive climate where staff are prepared to report suspected abuse and empowered to speak up when they observe potentially inappropriate behaviors.

active play

Promoting Active Play & Physical Wellness in Children & Youth

In this training, we review the research on physical wellness for children and youth, including the recommended daily doses of physical activity for various ages, the benefits of daily movement, and ways program leaders can help staff members or family child care providers support children’s physical development and healthy habits.

schedule and clock

Time Management & Organization in Leadership

In this training, we highlight how time management and organization are essential to leading and managing high quality child and youth programs. This webinar focuses on strategies and tools to manage your time and tasks and highlights ways to become more organized and productive in your role as a program leader.


Updates to Developmentally Appropriate Practice: A Guide for Program Leaders

In this webinar we discuss the three core considerations, examine significant updates and shifts reflected in this latest edition of DAP, and highlight lessons, resources, and tools within the VLS that reflect these updates.

mental health

Supporting Early Mental Health and Suicide Prevention: Research & VLS Supports

This webinar focuses on the vital role that child and youth programs play in supporting children’s well-being and ensuring that mental health services are available to children and families.

family with caregiver

Leadership’s Role in Supporting Staff-Family Partnerships

This webinar focuses on the key dimensions of family partnerships and the critical role that program managers play in creating program contexts that honor and support family-centered practices.

coaching bridges knowledge and practice

Coaching to Enhance Practice: Successful Strategies to Support Adult Learners

In this session, we examine the importance of coaching for building quality child care programs, identify research-based practices that support strong coaching partnerships, and highlight tools throughout the VLS that can help leaders and support successful coaching implementation.

positive climate

Creating a Positive Staff Climate: Active, Intentional Strategies to Foster Collaboration

In this session, we focus on things such as how to onboard staff in supportive ways, how to productively manage conflict within programs, and practices that help to honor diversity and create a safer, more inclusive environment for staff.


You Are a Model for Supportive Relationships: Why Relationships Are Central in CYP Programs

In this training, we examine research on the importance of positive relationships for children and adults, identify key skills to model and foster strong, supportive relationships in CYP programs, and highlight VLS tools and resources that program managers can use to facilitate positive professional partnerships.