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Transfer or Reactivate Existing Users

If you have a staff member who has an existing VLS account (any account either active, inactive, or deactivated) that needs added to your Roster follow the steps outlined below.  

If a staff member is coming to your program from a different service, their supervisor at their previous program must 'deactivate' the user's account before you can access them to reactivate to your service via the procedures outlined below.

If your staff member has never had a VLS account, please follow our Create New User tutorial.

  1. Navigate to your Staff Roster page.
  2. Click the Roster Management button on the upper right-hand corner and select Add Existing User from the drop-down menu.
  3. Use the search bar to enter the staff member's full name and/or email.
    1. Note that you may have to try different name combinations before finding the correct account.
    2. Search Tips and help will be displayed below the search input.
  4. Select the staff member's account and click the Add User to my Roster button.
  5. Update the user's account settings as appropriate.
    1. Transferring a user will only allow you to add the user to any of the programs of your assigned installation.
    2. Reactivating a user will allow and require you to set additional settings such as role, position title, enrolled-track, and location assignments.
  6. Review and confirm all details.
    1. Note that you may edit this account after it has been transferred to your roster.
  7. Click on the Save and Add User to My Roster button.
    1. Upon saving, you will be taken to the user's profile.