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Course Guide

Each course contains a guide that highlights what users can expect to learn. The Course Guide also provides a complete list of current Learn, Explore, and Apply activities and resources available in each lesson. Within the Foundational Courses of the Infant & Toddler, Preschool, School-Age, and Family Child Care Tracks, (i.e., the direct care Tracks) the Course Guide also provides access to that course’s affiliated Competency Reflection. In addition, Training & Curriculum Specialists, Program Managers, Installation Administrators and Headquarters staff can access the End of Course Assessments for direct care users (center-based and home-based programs) within their respective Course Guides.

From the Course Guide, users can directly access and print current activities and resources. The toggle function allows users to view all activities and resources, or only those that are required as part of the lesson certification process. Although the Dashboard, or learning management system, provides a way to track completed activities, users can also print the Course Guide as an additional way to track a staff member’s progress toward completion of course activities.