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My Account Overview

The Virtual Lab School (VLS) is designed to empower all child and youth care education professionals as they build their knowledge and skills around research-based practices. While all Virtual Lab School content is available to the public, currently only individuals employed by military child and youth programs are eligible to create a VLS user account (See Account Registration Availability).

Eligible staff members receive VLS account registration and log-in instructions through their program leadership. Once a VLS account is registered, the staff member receives an account activation email. The account activation email includes instructions on how to create a password for the new VLS account. After initial setup, VLS users can use the login drop-down on our main page to log in by entering their email-address and the newly-created password. (See Account Activation & First Login for more information).

If you forget your VLS account password, you can use the Forgot Password feature available in the login drop down on our main page. NOTE: Accounts will be locked for 6 hours after 5 incorrect password attempts. This account lock cannot be removed before 6 hours pass. 

For other questions about password or login issues, please see Login Issues for more information.

If an incorrect email is provided at account setup, and VLS Support is unable to reach a user via email, then the new account will be temporarily blocked (See Account Email Block). 

Edits to your account information are made from your personal profile (See Edit My Account Details). From the Dashboard screen, access the ‘Edit My Account’ screen. The Edit My Account screen allows all users to change their name, password, email, and title. For Training & Curriculum Specialists, Program Managers and other senior leadership, the Edit My Account screen additionally allows for changes to track enrollment and program affiliations.

NOTE: If your email address changes, you must immediately update the email address associated with your account so as to prevent an email block.