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Targeted Professional Development

The VLS offers Targeted Professional Development modules which are a collection of brief, comprehensive trainings that can be used to fulfill annual training requirements, or to support specialized professional development and supplemental training hours. Targeted Professional Development modules include research-based narrative and video content, “pause and reflect” elements to encourage self-reflection and application of information, and an end of course assessment. These modules are designed for direct care staff, Training & Curriculum Specialists (T&CSs) and program managers and, depending on the training topic, may be open to all staff ranks or specialized by role to meet the specific training requirements and unique needs of each professional. Targeted Professional Development content is curated primarily from existing VLS lessons and course materials. Modules are brief, ranging from .5-1.5 clock hours depending on the topic and are designed to be completed in one session. All Targeted Professional Development modules are aligned to the DoDI annual training requirements and the standards from relevant accrediting bodies. These modules can be taken multiple times, as appropriate for the topic or specified training requirement.  

Enrollment and Certification

Direct Care Staff must be enrolled in the TPD offerings by their T&CS or program manager. T&CS and program managers can self-enroll in the TPD offerings that best meet their needs. Enrolling Direct Care Staff in TPD follows a similar process as our Foundational and Focused Topic courses. T&CS and Program Managers can enroll Direct Care Staff in a TPD by navigating to the staff member’s Progress page and selecting the TPD tab. Once in the TPD tab, selecting the gray circle next to the desired TPD offering will enroll the staff member in that course. When a staff member is enrolled in a TPD module, the circle will turn blue and the course status will show as Enrolled.

T&CS, PM, HQ and HQA users may enroll themselves in TPD courses by navigating to their Progress page, selecting the TPD tab, and then selecting the gray circle next to the desired course.

Once enrolled, registered VLS users may earn certification for the Targeted Professional Development in which they are enrolled. Similar to the Focused Topics certification, the Targeted Professional Development modules are certified in one of three ways: VLS Assessed, TCS Assessed, or Self-Certified.