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Family Resources during COVID-19

Resources to support families while sheltering-in-place

This list is not exhaustive, but aims to help families know about a variety of developmentally appropriate and engaging ways to support their children during this unprecedented health crisis. Refer to our COVID-19 Child Care Resources post for related information.

A mother sits in a small tent with her children while reading a book inside their bedroom



Family members may also find the Virtual Lab School's professional development coursework helpful, such as:

  • Social Emotional Learning for Teachers
    While the course is aimed at early childhood teachers, caregivers can use this course to better learn how to manage their own stress
  • Cognitive Development
    Learn more about how interactions, experiences, and activities can affect your child's cognitive development 
  • Learning Environments
    Learn how to create an organized indoor space that encourages exploration and learning
  • Language Development
    Gain appreciation for your family's linguistic cultural heritage
  • And more 
    All course content is publicly available to anyone with an internet connection

Families with interest in early childhood development may want to try Purdue's Early Learning Maters (ELM) curriculum materials 

A father and son plays basketball in their home driveway


A family sits on the living-room floor engaged in screen-time on a tablet device