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Mgmt. Communication & Child Abuse Prevention Course Updates in Feb. 2022

New content updates and fillable activities

Child Abuse Prevention Course Updates:

Program leaders need to develop and implement staffing and program management practices to help keep children and staff safe. The Child Abuse Prevention course in the Management (MGT) track has been updated to include new content and fillable activities to support managers in taking the appropriate steps to prevent child abuse and neglect in programs. New content pertaining to staff orientation, onboarding, and line-of-sight supervision has been added to Lesson 2 of the (MGT) Child Abuse Prevention course. This content helps managers learn best practices in hiring and building strong teams. In Lesson 4, a new activity from the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI) has been added as a tool to support staff in preventing challenging behaviors and promoting social development.

Communication & Language Development Course Updates:

Effective communication is essential to leading strong teams and operating high quality programs. Program managers have to communicate effectively with team members and ensure that children are supported in their communication and language development. The Communication & Language Development course in the MGT track has been updated to include content and fillable activities that enhance communication in programs. The Family Welcome Book, is a new activity that has been added to Lesson 2 of the MGT, Communication & Language Development course. This activity encourages and provides tips for creating a book that introduces families to the program. Additionally, new content has been added to Lesson 4 to address a more active approach to formal and informal observations. This lesson also includes new content regarding productive conflict, an effective strategy for handling disagreements.