Foundational Tracks

All logged-in users except Direct Care users are auto-certified and receive course completion certification once all lessons in the respective course are complete. Direct Care staff members require a Training & Curriculum Specialist or Program Manager to certify approval of each lesson and course completed.

Focused Topics Track

Regstered VLS users may earn certification in three of the Focused Topics courses: Supporting Children with Challenging Behavior, Sexual Development & Behavior in Children and Youth, and Trauma-Informed Care in Child Care Settings. For all logged-in users, lessons are auto-certified upon successful completion of the Demonstrate questions. All registered VLS users must successfully complete the End of Course Assessment for these three Focused Topics to earn course certification. 

Depending on the enrolled course and the user’s role, Focused Topics courses are either VLS Assessed, with an End of Course Assessment (EOCA) containing only multiple-choice questions that are automatically evaluated by the Virtual Lab School system, or TCS Assessed, with an EOCA containing a combination of multiple-choice and short answer questions that must be reviewed and certified by a direct care user’s Training & Curriculum Specialist or Program Manager. When the EOCA is VLS Assessed, the course is automatically certified after successful completion of the EOCA. Within the currently enrollable Focused Topics courses, all EOCAs for Training & Curriculum Specialists or Program Managers are VLS Assessed. For Direct Care users, the Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviors course is TCS Assessed; all other courses are VLS Assessed.

To learn more about EOCAs, see: End of Course Assessments

To learn more about obtaining a certificate as a Direct Care User, see DC: Lesson Approval and Certification.

To learn how to certify one of your staff member's courses, see Approving & Certifying User Progress.

Certificates include the date of issue, course name, service, clock hour count and the name of the supervisor or trainer that certified the course. Certificates also include a unique ID code. 

Certificates cannot be modified or rescinded after they are issued.